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Created by Betsy Connors

June 1, 2001 – December 28, 2018

Miranda was born in my parents’ garage in 2001 during Tropical Storm Allison. She was the smallest of the 5 kittens, and to our knowledge, she lived the longest. She and her brother Atticus were inseparable as kittens, so both came to live with me when I went back to law school in the fall. They were the delight of all who met them. Miranda was shy when she met new people, but if you stayed for awhile she’d end up on your lap. Her favorite lap was her adopted father Kenneth’s, though she also treated him as a rickshaw and demanded he cart her from place to place. She slept in my arms every night. Miranda was always very opinionated, and loved to talk on the phone. She had a cinnamon roll swirl pattern on one side. Miranda will be remembered for her snort-like “piggy” purrs, her insistence and persistence, and for transforming into a neck scarf when she needed to keep warm. She was a very small cat, but the hole she has left in our hearts and home is immeasurably large.

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