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Created by Vicky Shultz

July 1, 2007 – December 21, 2020

The best guard cat a guy could ever have. His love for his “food guy” was up there with his love for pizza, Chicken McNuggets, and soft shell tacos that he would share/steal from his best human buddy. A retired jungle ninja who still managed to climb on top of doors and ride them, open any closet or cabinet to find what he wanted (or shut his siblings up and give them their treats) and enjoyed swatting the face of his grandfather when he discovered he lacked peripheral vision; enjoyed his favorite toy Feeesh, a yellow stuffed fish he got when he destroyed his first play set and refused to share with anyone for more than 13 years. He also loved his baby sister/best friend who would help him take care of the food guy also taking turns ensuring he knew how much they tolerated a human roommate. The two would also attempt to overtake their grandparents home and dethrone their aunt and uncle from the dog kingdom with sneak attacks from under the couch and b*tch slapping the heck out of both of them. Pickles’s best battles there were the Swinging from the Chandelier on Christmas Eve 2012 and the Great Cabinet Battle of Thanksgiving 2010 where he did wind sprints on top of the cabinets until caught. Not typically fond of his baby brother, he would attempt to show him how to be an alpha, but alas the younger male is a bit “touched” and it led to fighting. The young brother did learn the art of tripping humans walking by and takes great pride in doing so today. His lack of fondness was not limited to just his baby brother, but most humans the Food Guy brought around- many of which learned quickly that no one would date his human without his approval. Keeping a close circle, he only approved of approximately eight humans he met. All others were subjected to his growl that scared most dogs and teeth that would leave scars on the most leather of skin if you crossed him (or raised your voice at him, his sister, or his human). He was also known to pounce onto standing male’s crotches and hang there, staring into their eyes and growling because- well he was the alpha. Pickles leaves behind his food guy/human, Chris. Sister, Olive. Brother, Biz. His grandparents, uncles and aunt, many fostered siblings from cat and dog kingdoms and many friends. The staff from Taco Bell, McDonalds; and Papa John’s will miss him greatly and know their business will go down without him and his Garfield-like appetite.

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